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Main Sahu Tura Aao - मै साहू टूरा अव - CG Full HD Video Song - Aryan Rekha - Dahariya Music |

Source - Dahariya Music

Song :- Main Sahu Tura Aaw
Album :- Main Sahu Tura Aaw
Male Artist :- Aryan SS
Female Artist :- Rekha Ji
Lyrics :- Sukhi Barve
Male Singer :- Kartik Sahu
Female Singer :- Kumari Puja
Music :- Bhima Bachkar
Camera :- Sunny Miri
Editing :- Dharmendra Dahariya
Director :- Dharmendra Dahariya
Producer :- Vijay Pal
Presents By :- DAHARIYA MUSIC डहरिया म्यूजिक
Recording :- Hari Om Studio Kawardha CG
Language :- Chhattisgarhi छत्तीसगढ़ी
Genral :- Orignal
Released :- 31-03-2019
All Rights Reserved With DAHARIYA MUSIC

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