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Tor Pairi Ha Bajhi Jiha Jiha Mann Kuraishi,Twinkle Ek Aur LOVE STORY | CG Movie Song छत्तीसगढ़ी

Tor Pairi Ha Bajhi Jiha Jiha CG Song

Source - SRKMusicCG

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Ek Aur Love Story Movie Song

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Song : Tor Pairi Ha Bajhi Jiha Jiha - तोर पैरी ह बजही जिहा जिहा

Singer : Anurag Sharma, Anupama Mishra

Movie : Ek Aur LOVE STORY

Cast : Mann Kuraishi, Twinkle, Kirti Jaiswal, Sanam Parveen etc.

Lyrics : Roshan Vaishnav, Parmanand Vaishnav, Krish K. Ramteke

Music : Parmanand Vaishnav, Roshan Vaishnav

Director : Shiv Naresh Kesharwani

Producer : Shiv Naresh Kesharwani, Ravi Shukla

Producer Banner : Kesharwani Film Production

Choreographer : Nishant Upadhyay, R. Bapi Sahu

Music on : SRK MUSIC

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