Barbarian Cast Release Date 9 September 2022: Barbarian Cast Review: movie characters names

When it comes to scary films the past year was jam-packed with the genre. In fact, the 2022 film release schedule is packed with incredible additions to the realm of horror, ranging from the terrifying A24 film, X to The Black Phone, which is now part of the long list of fantastic horror films produced by Blumhouse Productions. Now, we’re set to get another entry in the horror genre coming from 20th Century Studios – Barbarian.

This film was very much anticipated throughout the year, finally arrives in the theaters for everyone to enjoy. Some of the actors may appear like you. If you’re looking for the exact location they’ve seen Barbariancast previously there are some of their most well-known projects.

Georgina Campbell – Tess

Beginning with the actress who you’ve probably seen in other productions In this article, we glimpse at Georgina Campbell who is Tess on Barbarian. The actress has been featured in a myriad of TV and film series prior to her appearance in Barbarian. Some of her most memorable films to date included the role of Kay as Kay in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and being Fig In All My Friends Hate Me.


Campbell has been featured in more the world of television. Campbell played the role as Whitney Landon in Sadie J and also played Rochelle in the mini-series One Night, Jasmine in After Hours, a detective in Broadchurch as well as included in the enthralling Black Mirror episode, “Hang the DJ.” Prior to that, In 2022, Campbell included in Suspicion, an Apple TV+ miniseries, Suspicion.

Justin Long – AJ

Moving on, let’s look at Justin Long, who plays A.J. in Barbarian. Long is a veteran of horror films who has appeared in films like the original Jeepers Creepers, which started the franchise and Drag Me To Hell. But, Long has appeared in numerous other films that are popular which you’ll definitely recognize.

Some of his most famous roles include Dodgeball Accepted, Idiocracy, Serious Moonlight, 10 Years, Comet, Dear David and more. Long has also been featured in numerous television shows as well. His most prominent role was Warren P. Cheswick in the TV show, Ed, and he also voiced Kevin Murphy in F is for Family.

Matthew Patrick Davis – The Mother

Then, we’ll take a our first look at the newest actor in the cast in the show Barbarian, Matthew Patrick Davis, who is The Mother. The actor has mostly had smaller roles in the world of Hollywood and has been featured in a number of television shows as a guest such as Days of Our Lives, Joan of Arcadia, Veronica Mars, Jane the Virgin, American Dad! and more. He was also a frequent guest in the fantasy comedy series, Dwight in Shining Armor.

Richard Brake – Frank

The next on the list is Richard Brake in the Barbariancast which he plays Frank. Brake plays what might consider to be a horror-related royalty to me but not in his films. Although he looks different with no make-up, Brake actually portrayed the most powerful character, The Night King, in both seasons four and five in Game of Thrones.

He’s also more than that famous villain Brake is a lot more than that, and Brake has had a lot of success in the realm of film and television. Some of his most memorable roles in movies include Batman Begins 31, Mandy, Water for Elephants, Thor: The Dark World, The Death of Stalin, 3 From Hell and more. Apart from Game of Thrones,Brake has appeared in numerous television shows, such as The Peaky Blinders, Mob City, Ray Donavan, Cursedand other shows.

Jaymes Butler – Andre

Jaymes Butler plays the new actor on the cast for Barbarianto have for a look and plays Andre. For the majority of his career, Butler has been in support roles on many films and television shows. Some of his most memorable roles for television were in iCarly, Special Unit, Southland, Missing, and NCIS.

In terms of films some of his guest appearances in big films such as Snowden the first film of the Resident Evil film franchise, and more.

Kurt Braunohler – Doug

Not to be left out lastly, we glimpse of Kurt Braunohler as part of the Barbarian cast. Barbarian who plays Doug. Although he is most well-known for his comedic work, Braunohler has been in numerous TV and film productions. You might have seen his name a few times on the popular television show, Bob’s Burgers( which in reality, just was made into a movie to be released in 2022) ,where he voiced many characters throughout the show’s time.

However, Braunohler has been in numerous other shows on TV as a guest actor. Some of his most memorable are The Good Place, American Housewife, Mr. Mayor, Lady Dynamite, Take My Wife, Gravity Falls,and more.

Bill Skarsgard – Keith

The next thing on the casting list is Barbarianis Bill Skarsgard who portrays Keith. If you know the person as being a horror film lover, then you’ve got good memories, since Skarsgard (at least for me) is considered to be a horror movie royalty for his portrayal of the modern the villain of horror films, Pennywise as seen in the two IT films. This is a part which he will be reprising in a brand new prequel series as per Variety.

But, Skarsgard is a very skilled actor, and has appeared in more than just horror films. His other major films include his portrayal of Deviant Kro from Eternals as well as appearing on Simple Simon, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, the Charlize Theron-directed spy film Atomic Blonde, and the independent film Nine Days, among others.

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