Constance Wu talks about the ‘Fresh Off the Boat Producer’ trauma

Constance Wu’s accusation of a “Fresh Off the Boat Producer” of sexual harassment of her, while she was filming the sitcom, has been the subject of headlines. However, the actor was initially reluctant to share her traumatic experiences.

She said that she didn’t want “Late Night” host Seth Meyers to talk about it.

“That was my last essay for the book. I only wrote it after being encouraged by my editor. This is what people want. And that was only in the first two years. I was still scared at the time.

According to Wu’s book “Making a Scene”, Wu claims that the producer touched Wu inappropriately and “controlled” her. He demanded that Wu run all of her business affairs past him and told her what she should wear. She stated that she felt betrayed last month by those who knew about the producer’s alleged behavior but maintained a friendly relationship with him behind closed doors.

“Once I felt some job security, I was able to feel a bit. I began to say no to this producer, which was infuriating for him. But it was okay so I thought… Wu said to Meyers that he could keep it inside.

“And as a consequence, I feel like I was never able to be myself on-set because I would see my abuser being a buddy to everybody else knowing what I had done.”

She also pointed out that the alleged harassment took place “before” the #MeToo movement began to shift Hollywood’s culture of silence about sexual misconduct.

She explained that she was like “Nobody’s going to believe me”

Wu was harshly criticized on social media in 2019 for complaining on Twitter that “Fresh Off the Boat”, which had been renewed for a sixth series, was being renewed. Wu was the iconic role of the Huang matriarch — her breakthrough role in the ABC series.

Many criticized Wu for her outburst on Twitter, claiming that she was ungrateful for the show that launched her career and helped Asian Americans be represented onscreen. Wu later apologized for her “insensitive” remarks and said that she was only temporarily upset by the renewal of “Fresh Off the Boat.” We also stated that the conflict with another project was “really passionate about.”

The “Hustlers” star spoke out about how the backlash she received from her tweets led her to attempt suicide and ultimately compelled her to write a book to open “pathways to healing”.

Wu said that people didn’t get the context of those tweets. Meyers was not impressed. “And thank you so much for not making fun because it led me into a really dark place.”

Wu struggled to maintain her composure and began to cry while explaining on “Late Night” why she finally changed her mind about the sexual harassment claims.

She said, “I included it in the book because it’s important to engage in curiosity before we jump to judgment.” “Because when someone does something that is out of character, it usually means there’s something going on in their lives.”

Wu spoke out about her role as a voice actor in the animated family film Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, which will be released Friday.

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