Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 – Review! How Did The Fairies Deal With The Blood Witches?

“Fate: The Winx Saga”, which returns for its second season, introduces new villains as well as a mysterious dark realm. Alfea has undergone significant changes. Rosalind, the new headmistress of Alfea College, has her eyes and ears everywhere. She suspends weak fairies at random and the girls can’t get over Dowling’s disappearance. Bloom and her friends are still searching for answers after the mysterious disappearance of their professor. Saul Silva was convicted of the attempted murder of Andreas. He was to be exiled. Bloom distrusted Rosalind and believed she was making a grave mistake by letting her go. Rosalind wasn’t the only threat; someone else was out there, looking for revenge on the fairies.

Sebastian – Who was he? What was His Intention

Silva was freed by Aisha, Musa, and Terra thanks to the efforts of Bloom, Musa, Musa, and Terra. He chose to hide at Sebastian’s Blackbridge store, whom he was friends with. He was familiar with Dowling and Silva’s efforts to take down Rosalind. Silva knew Sebastian would assist them now that Rosalind was back, and Alfea was under her control. Rosalind would visit Alfea’s East Wing, which contained ancient texts about magic. Bloom was determined to discover what Rosalind was doing, especially since students had begun to disappear from the college.

The series creates suspense about who may be behind the disappearances of the students. All evidence initially pointed to Rosalind. Rosalind was asked by a student who had vanished to return his power. She was reading old texts about summoning spell-wielding creatures. Flora and Aisha also found one of these creatures in the underground chamber. They presented all evidence and accused Rosalind of conspiring against their interests in order to gain more power. Rosalind explained to them what she was working on. To understand Scraper, an ancient creature that originated in the realms of darkness and was used to attack fairies in Solaria, Rosalind studied the texts. Students were disappearing from Alfea because the creature ate magic. Rosalind discovered that the Scrapers were summoned from the Blood Witch by studying the minds and bodies of the victims. Since ancient times, the Blood Witches have been fighting with fairies. This was their attempt at taking all the power from the fairies and ending their existence. Only Bloom could defeat the enemy with the Dragon Flame’s power. The Blood Witch wanted the Dragon Flame, and they were hungry for it, due to how desperate they were. The confrontation between Bloom, the villain, was therefore inevitable. The hunt began for the blood witch.

Sebastian was the Blood Witch, it turned out. He sucked in the fairy powers to become almost undefeatable, as blood witch magic didn’t work on fairies. Although he had all the magic powers he needed, he was still unable to summon Dragon Flame. He attempted to control her by telling her about his birth parents. But her friends saved him. Sebastian wanted revenge on the Aster Dell massacre. During it, he lost both of his parents. He assembled the remaining witches in order to defeat the fairies. He was the one who brought Bloom to the village and knew the ancient magic she had. The dragon flame was the only way to win the war between the fairies, and the blood witches.

Why was Rosalind Bloom killed?

Bloom refused to relinquish her right to know about her birth parents. Sebastian used his knowledge and leveraged it to make Rosalind against Bloom. To become Alfea’s headmistress, he revealed that Rosalind had killed Dowling. Bloom had just begun to trust Rosalind but, after hearing what she had done she couldn’t support her anymore. She returned to the Otherworld, confronting Rosalind about Dowling’s death. Bloom couldn’t control her temper when Rosalind confessed to the crime. Rosalind tortured Bloom mentally and said that she had intended to control the world together with Bloom, but now she was turning against Bloom, she needed to make some changes. She suspended Bloom, froze her, and claimed that she could take the Dragon fire from her. Rosalind underestimated the power Bloom had. Rosalind was unable to free her, and she began to lose control of her rage. She wanted Rosalind to be killed in front of her eyes at that point. Rosalind was transformed into a fire and she died.

Bloom was tried in a court of law. She was found guilty. She would remain in stasis, and her case would be reexamined after twenty years. Despite being powerless in stasis Bloom, unexpectedly the woman who had always protected her stood right in her place. Dowling had passed away, but she used all her magic to ask the natural world for help. She was desperate to say goodbye to Bloom and her friends. She helped Bloom get out of stasis, and showed her friends how they could all transform by focusing on the positive and the negative emotions. They would achieve the highest potential of their magic if they could find the right balance between emotions.

How Did The Fairies Deal With The Blood Witches?

Bloom and her friends were not able to trust Beatrix because she belonged to Team Rosalind. Unfortunately, Rosalind didn’t believe she was capable enough to handle difficult tasks. Rosalind had expected Rosalind would share details about her birth parents. Instead, she became Rosalind’s personal assistant. Sebastian took her away and made her feel even more useless. She didn’t want to go away so she traded with the dark side. She agreed to assist Sebastian and was given her power and details about her past in return. Sebastian was able to enter Alfea with her assistance and unleash the scrapers against the fairies. Flora created a potion that she administered to her body. Her body was being used as bait by the scrapers in order to let the other fairies escape and use their powers. Stella was also told by Beatrix a very important secret. She explained that Sebastian wasn’t just after revenge. Sebastian wanted the Dragon Flame to open the realm darkened by Shadow, an entity that could raise the dead. Sebastian planned to use this power to bring back the blood witches that had lost their lives in Aster Delila. It would end the Otherworld if Bloom traded her power for Sebastian’s.

Aisha, Terra, and Stella joined Bloom in the room together with Sebastian. They joined forces to defeat Sebastian. They beat him and saved Alfea. Another villain was defeated by the Winx Club. Musa lost her psychic power in “Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2”. The consequences of possessing psychic powers were too much for her to bear. She was able to sense all emotions around her and it was becoming chaotic. Instead, she chose to learn combat and become an expert. Bloom studied Shadow and the realm of darkness. She left her lover and friends to travel to the realms of darkness. Sky confronted Sky and explained to her that Sebastian had opened the realm of darkness using magic he had gotten from fairies. She realized that Sebastian wanted to close the Dragon Flame and that no one could do it except him. Now that Sebastian was gone, Bloom decided that the conduit should be closed. However, this meant that she would have to leave the Otherworld for good. The danger to the Otherworld would be present as long as the Realm of Darkness was not closed. Bloom believed that the power she had was not hers and she could put at risk the lives she loved. Sky and Bloom said goodbye, but he couldn’t stop her knowing she was sacrificing her life for a greater purpose.

Season 2 of “Fate: The Winx Saga” continues to disappoint. Although there is a lot of action in the seven episodes, the characters lack depth, and purpose, and the Otherworld are still unexplored.

What to Expect from ‘Fate the Winx Saga’ Season 3?

Netflix has not yet confirmed if there will be a second season of “Fate: The Winx Saga”. However, we can speculate about the possibilities. Season 3 will see Riven and Musa in a romantic relationship. We can expect the same from Riven and Musa, given their differences. Terra was visibly fascinated after speaking out to her friends. Aisha may forgive Grey for saving Sky’s life, even though she was devastated by Grey’s blood witch lover. Bloom has entered the unknown realm of darkness. Bloom finds her mother in an old castle cooking and calls her. A monster entered the Otherworld after Bloom was transported to the realms of darkness. It appears that the monster entered the Otherworld when it was not blocked. It is likely that the monster is Darkar, the antagonist of the Winx Club. Darkar, like the dragon, represents light and life. Darkar can transform fairies into Dark Fairies. There is a chance that we will come across a Dark Bloom.

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