How ‘Black Adam’ Filmed That Cameo in Secret

Cinematographer Lawrence Sher looks back at the grueling scene and provides an update for the sequel to ‘Joker that he is working on shooting.

Black Adam received a late-night jolt from an after-credits scene that restored Henry Cavill to the character of Superman.

The process of negotiating Cavill’s return for the first time since 2017’s Justice League was an intense battle that came to the very last minute The Black Adam team filming Dwayne Johnson’s part of the scene and not knowing if the stars could even align for his return.

“If we can convince Henry to participate We’ll figure that out in the near future,” cinematographer Lawrence Sher remembers in the most recent Episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s Behind the Screen podcast.

The DP was told the Superman idea at the end of the game. He remembers Black Adamdirector Jaume Collet-Serra saying it like this: “Let’s just quickly take the set of the throne room that we were working on … It’s creating something that Dwayne to enter … We’re going to film it in about 10-minutes.”

Johnson’s part of the sequence was shot in the final shot of the final day of photography. After Johnson’s portion has filmed The team then assembled the second portion of the scene using an actor double as well as an adaptation from John Williams’ 1978 Superman theme that they discovered on Google. In this version of the scene, they didn’t show the actor’s face but the Superman symbol on his chest. It was clear that the concept was solid.

“Watching an actor emerge of a full silhouette and into the scene, gave me goosebumps. “I thought, ‘Wow this is 100% going to be a success. Now, they have to determine if they can convince the person who has the head there and then,” Sher recalls.

Black Adam began testing the film with this scene added and the reaction increased the need to protect Cavill.

“I attended a test screen … where they played the version with the head … and it played gangbusters,” Sher says. Sher. “Then the scene changed to ‘Now, we need to bring in Henry.’”

According to The Hollywood Reporter reported in the article that was published this morning, Johnson lobbied hard to get Cavill’s return. (Johnson has a manager in common with Cavill and also made a big push.) The then-DC Films boss Walter Hamada rejected the idea due to plans of his own for Superman. Johnson did not hesitate to go around Hamada’s old bosses to newly appointed Warner Bros. film bosses Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy who endorsed the concept.

Once the deal was signed and Cavill was signed off, the second half of the film was shot the month prior in London the city which was where the actor resided at the moment. She was able to work at home, since he wasn’t in a position to travel across London in the U.K., but even located on the opposite part of the globe, Sher felt Cavill’s gravitas.

“There are some people who have become famous as the characters they portray and he’s an example of that,” Sher says. Sher.

The DP is currently preparing for another big-name project which will see him come back to the universe of Todd Phillips’ Joker with Joker: Folie Deux.

She says that the movie will be shot mostly on sound stages in Los Angeles, as well as on the location in New York, where the project is based. The filming will begin within five or six weeks with which Lady Gaga joining Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix.

“She’s will be a fantastic character for the film and create the same type of magic that Joaquin did by himself,” says Sher. “The combination of these two is exactly what we’re hoping will happen, which is exciting and we’ll see an amazing experience every day on the set. It is our hope that we will also find some snark within the set. We like it when there’s some chaos.”

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