Kanye West Drops 30-Minute Doc With Drake Dis, Weird Adidas Meeting

KanyeWest released a new song to combat his critics on Monday (Oct. 10) and then tucked it into a half-hour video diary. The controversial rapper is no stranger to using his voice and naming people. “You are a fake You don’t really love Ye/ Listen to Drake, b—h,” Ye, the rapper who goes by Ye, raps with a muffled beat while he rides in a car. He continues to tell his fans that they don’t know what it takes, b-h.

Ye raps, “Tryna pass judgment on me like I don’t s–t/ I feel too much of an actual one for a fake B–h.” The track is unfinished as Ye describes West’s feelings like a fugitive and gets suggestions from a voice off-camera about the direction to go.

The 30-minute low-budget video, entitled “Last Week,” opens with a hooded and masked figure performing a series of video-game-like tasks in Shibuya, Japan. He is wearing his recent favorite outfit, which includes oversized moon boots, a jeans jacket, a black sweatshirt, and a black cover for his face. The figure appears to win by reaching the roof of the building. As the words “Mission Completed”, fill the screen, the logo “War” is displayed. It’s interspersed with a silhouette of Ye and a pair of doves.

After a week of widespread criticism, West was removed from the Paris Fashion Week stage for wearing a ” white lives matter” shirt. After his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, West continued to draw ire for wearing the shirt twice. He then moved on to using antisemitic language in posts which caused widespread condemnation and had his social media accounts restricted.

West tweeted that he would be going “death con3 On JEWISH POPE” on Saturday, Oct. 8.

He wrote, “I’m a bit tired tonight, but when I get up I’m going to death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” “The funny part is that I can’t be Anti Semitic since black people are actually Jews. Also, you guys have played with me and tried blackballing anyone who opposes your plan.”

Although the video avoids addressing any recent controversy, it leads to what appears to be a meeting between Ye and a fashion industry figure. They discuss the pros and cons of different fabrics. Ye then appears to offer to purchase the man’s business. Filmed as though through a fish-eye-like lens, the film then moves to West watching a video on high-nutrient plants, and then to an odd segment where he appears to share a pornographic clip with two Adidas executives to illustrate loyalty. As a Kanye rep chides the men for allegedly disrespecting and taking over the rapper’s designs, they sit silently on stools in a white studio-like space.

West said at one point in the tense sit down, “If I’m the king of culture, I got the right to step up even though Jay is nailed with the money.” “Even though Jay isn’t Christian… because you are talking to the King of Culture,” West adds before ominously declaring, “This is an entirely different level of nuclear activities that no one can recover from,” before warning of the devastating effects of the “global warming”, which the executives will experience.

Adidas announced last week that it was reviewing its relationship with West following recent claims from the rapper. sharing a photograph of the $55 Adilette22 sandals by the brand, which look similar in color scheme and feel to Ye’s $70 Yeezy Slides, also made by Adidas.

“F-ADIDAS I AM ADIDAS ADIDAS APED AND STATE MY DESIGNS,” Ye captioned the screenshot of CNBC reporting the news. He shared the image on Instagram. It’s not clear if Adidas decided that it would reconsider working with West prior to or after the meeting, which was uploaded without any commentary.

He continues to make fun of the Adidas team throughout the clip. West states that he won’t talk about money with “people broker than me” or discuss ideas with people “with fewer ideas than I,” before leaving the meeting abruptly to check his phone. The doc has no clear narrative and jumps from Ye receiving a massage to footage of Ye rapping “First Time In a Long Time” in his Donda 2 car.

The film gives a glimpse at West’s secretive Donda academy Christian schools. West tours a potential school space and asks the building owners if they can “Dondafy” it. This means that there is no AC or artificial light and that ramps are used instead of stairs. In the final segment, West can be seen on the sidelines of North West’s basketball game. He struggles with his phone and then chats with ex Kim Kardashian in an extended section with muted audio.

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