Lea Black Is Back and Lisa Hochstein’s ‘Marriage Isn’t Gonna Survive’ in RHOM Season 5 Trailer

The weather is getting warmer to be used in The Real Housewives of Miami in Season 5!

Bravo revealed the new trailer on Sunday following an appearance featuring The Magic City Housewives on Sunday at Bravocon 2022.

The teaser flashes back to the show’s star Lisa Hochstein’s turbulent relationship with her now estranged wife Lenny Hochstein as it was depicted in the show’s years. What the reality TV star called a contemporary fairytale abruptly ended with “blindsided” Lisa learning that Lenny confirmed to the media on May 1st that he submitted a petition to file for divorce and was now in a new partnership with the model Katharina Mazepa.

“In the blink of an eye, my life changed,” Lisa 40, gushing with tears in the video. “I’m losing my best friend, I’m losing my husband — to another woman.”

Later, she reveals to her colleagues on the Housewives: “My trainer dropped me, by the way. Because Lenny has him training the mistress.” She informs Lenny through a phone call, “You bring that girl anywhere near my f—ing kids, there’s gonna be a huge f—ing problem, do you understand me?”

OG Miami Housewife Lea Black even comes by to impart some tough realities for Lisa: “I know you want to make it work, I know you’d love to see you guys back together — that’s not gonna happen.”

On Friday, at BravoCon, Lisa acknowledged in the Housewife2Housewife discussion panel “having to deal with what I’m going through privately and publicly for the whole world to see was so difficult.”

However, she said, “My kids get me through every day. It’s been six months, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully, I’m gonna get there soon.”

This season is also going to have another old-world Russian beauty advice from second-year Housewife Julia Lemigova Postengagement – marriage happiness on behalf of Dr. Nicole Martin and a luxurious group trip in Baha Mar, Bahamas.

Larsa Pippen, Alexia Nepola, and Guerdy Cabrera return in full-time Housewives along with Kiki Barth and Adriana De Moura as well as Marysol Patton once again appearing as Friends of the franchise.

“We need to, as a group, learn how to put each other up on pillars — when they go lower, you go higher, you know what I mean?” Guide questions Larsa to which Larsa responds, “No.”

Perhaps, a little overwhelmed by the drama, a small glimpse is Marysol having a break for some sneaky drinks when she was in one of her confessional interviews. placing vodka in her iconic sparkling water bottle and telling her assistant on set: “Don’t judge me.”

The Real Housewives of Miami originally was telecast on Bravo between 2011 and 2013 before being canceled and finally being revived for a new season airing on Peacock in 2021.

Seasons 1 through 4 from the show The Real Housewives of Miami can be watched exclusively on Peacock in advance of the premiere of the season on Dec. 8 and BravoCon 2022 will take place from Sunday to Saturday at Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

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