Park Chan-wook left the violence out of his new movie so more people would see it

Park Chan-wook is known for his violent thrillers, including Oldboy and the Vengeance Trilogy movies. His films also blend dark sexuality such as in Stoker and Thirst. But his latest film, Decision To Leave is clearly not one of those. The South Korean submission to the Academy Awards is this film about a detective about a man (Park Hae-il, from The Host), who falls in love with Tang Wei, the widow of a mysterious man whose death he is supposed to be investigating.

Park Chan-wook stated that it is not a sexual thriller and that this is by design. Park Chan-wook explained that he has always considered his films to be love stories. But, he realized that no one had ever said that about his movies. They laugh at me making that comment, and they take it as a joke.” He decided to examine his past work to find out why. IndieWire was told by him that he thought violence and nudity might have been at the forefront. It was too strong and too graphic.

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