Russell Wilson: “It’s very simple. At the end of the day, I have to get better. I have to play better,” he said in the official transcript.

Russell Wilson swore that he would take responsibility for the Denver Broncos 12-9 overtime defeat on Thursday night.

It’s easy. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, but at the end of it all, I must be better. He said that he had to play better. “This defense, this team played their best tonight. We had some good, key drives where we moved the ball. We didn’t have the opportunity to take advantage of some of those opportunities in the red zone. There are some plays that we could capitalize on…But throwing two interceptions is impossible. Can’t happen. “I let the team down tonight.”

Both Wilson’s two horrendous interceptions came within scoring range. The first was a touchdown that he passed KJ Hammer. This occurred about a mile into the fourth quarter. Just before the two-minute warning on the third-and-4 from 13 yards, with the Broncos leading by three points at the time, Wilson called a pass play that Wilson forced Tyrie Ohio to Hamler. This gave the Colts an opportunity to force overtime.

Wilson was unable to make a number of throws on Thursday, drawing out the boos from home fans. Wilson was 21-of-40 for 274 yards with two interceptions, earning a 54.9 passer rating. He completed zero passes of 10+ yards in the first half and was 2-of-14 for 88 yards. Two interceptions were made on passes of 10+ yards.

Wilson’s missed throws and short dumps are the hallmarks of the Bronco’s passing offense. The QB has a career-low completion percentage of 59.4, a passing TD percentage of 2.4, and a passer rating of 82.8 through five weeks. In addition, his four passing touchdowns are his lowest through five games of his career.

Wilson stated, “The good news is that I know one thing about myself and that is [that] it’s going to be responded to.” I don’t know how to do it any other way. I believe in myself. This team is what I think in. I believe in the potential of our team. I believe in the things I can accomplish. The one thing you will know when you play this game is that you will experience adversity. Adversity can be a choice. I will always choose to see that adversity as temporary and that you will overcome obstacles and fights. We are all working together. We are all still working together and are focused on achieving our goals. It all starts with me. I’ll ensure that I do it.”

Nathaniel Hackett took a lot of heat in Week 1 for his decision to take the ball from his high-paid QB. He trusted Wilson to make plays on Thursday and the QB failed.

“I believe that it’s the negative plays, backward play, interceptions, or any other negative thing, which is what we need. It’s all on us. All that’s on us players. Wilson stated, “It starts with me.” It’s not on Hackett. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. He has some great plays. We have to make them. It’s important that I can hit the throws. It is important that we can get the first down, whatever it may be. It was disappointing, evidently. It felt like we should’ve won that game. Tonight, I felt like we were let down by me. We believe in our abilities and this locker room is no different. There is still a lot to do, there are many opportunities, and there is a lot more belief. With how good the defense is doing, how fast can we turn it around offensively? That’s what is important. It’s up to us to continue fighting and believing.

After Thursday’s harrowing home loss, the Bronco’s offense is now at 2-3. They need to quickly establish their identity after scoring just 15.0 points per contest and more than 20 points once in five games.

Wilson stated, “I look forward to turning the tide.” I look forward to turning it around because it will be a memorable story. Because that’s all my knowledge, there’s no other way. It’s all exciting to me. I look forward to the adversity and negativity of it, as well as its opportunities because it is fuel for me. When we do. It will be an exciting time because there are a lot of great men in that locker room who work their asses off every day.

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