iOS 16 update release date 2022! features, supported devices, and more

Apple announced its major annual operating system updates during the WWDC conference on the 6th of June. The iPhone is the only platform more crucial for Apple or its consumers than iPhone and consequently, it is the only OS upgrade that is as crucial as iOS. After the success of iOS 15 in 2021, iOS 16 was expected to bring a plethora of new features. It did not surprise me.

In this article In this article, we provide the details on everything you should be aware of about iOS 16 and how it’s going to impact the iPhone experience. We discuss new features, changes to the design as well as the release dates of iOS 16. We also explain how you can download the early beta version of the software.

iOS 16 Release date

Apple has confirmed the release date of iOS 16 will be released on the 12th of September on a Monday. Apple has also announced the fact that iPadOS 16, which usually comes out in the same week as iOS 16, won’t arrive until the end of October. Find out the steps to download iOS 16: How to update iOS on your iPhone.

iOS 16 Release schedule for Beta

The initial beta of iOS 16 (for developers only) was released right after its announcement during WWDC in June. However, those who were testing for the public beta were waiting for the release date of July 11. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be receiving a variety of Developer and public betas, which will make us closer to the public launch of iOS 16.

In general, each beta Public betas listed in the following list closely follows the Developer beta which immediately precedes it.

June 6, 2022. iOS 16 is unveiled at WWDC
June 6, iOS 16 Developer beta 1 is available to registered developers.
June 22: Developer beta 2.
July 6 Developer beta 3
July 11: Public beta 1.
July 27: Developer beta 4
July 28: Beta for the public. 2
August 8: Developer beta 5.
August 9: Public beta 3
August 15 7: Developer beta 6
August 15: Public beta 4.
August 23: Developer beta 7
August 25 August 25
August 29: Public Beta 6

September: Launch Candidate (final version before the launch)
While it was working on iOS 15 Apple made available eight variations of the beta for developers before the general release. We’ll tell our readers how to download the Public and Developer beta versions here.

iOS 16: Compatibility

Which Apple devices can run iOS 16? Any device from the past five years: any user with any iPhone 8 or later will be equipped to run iOS 16, see: Which iPhones are compatible with iOS 16?

This is the headline However, keep in mind that older models could not enjoy all the benefits of the iOS 16 user experience. Apple cautions, for instance, that the new Live Captions accessibility feature is only available for iPhone 11 and later, however, Door Detection and People Detection require LiDAR scanners for iPhone 12 Pro and later. iPhone 12 Pro and later.

This is a significant departure from the previous year. In WWDC 2021 Apple made it clear that iOS 15 will be compatible with every older model, like Apple’s iPhone 6s (2015) and the first-generation SE (2016). They’ve both been taken off the list of supported devices as well as it appears that the iPhone 7 is gone too. If you’re using either of those iPhones It could be time for you to update.

iOS 16: New features

iOS 16 is a substantial upgrade. It won’t completely alter your iPhone however it is packed with new and exciting features which will make it feel new and fresh in the season:

Lock Screen

In iOS 16 the Lock Screen will be heavily customizable (changing colors and fonts for instance) and upgradeable using widgets to keep an eye on the weather and your Activity rings or any other information that you want to access easily. Similar to the designs that appear on iPhones and the Apple Watch, it will be possible to make multiple Lock Screens each with wallpaper and widgets of its own, and effortlessly switch between them. Learn more: All the ways you can alter Your Lock Screen in iOS 16. We also discuss how you can keep your Lock Screen tidy and not miss a notification.


Your selection of Lock Screen, widgets, and Notification settings may now be linked in with Focus modes. Apple recommends “a rich in data Lock Screen while you’re using the Work Focus or a photo Lock Screen while you’re using the Personal Focus.” By tapping on a specific Lock Screen, you can trigger the associated Focus mode.

iOS 16 supported devices

Here is the list of iPhones eligible for the iOS 16 update:

  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone SE 5G and second-gen
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus

Apple dropped support for both iPhone 6s and 7 series and hence you won’t be seeing the iOS 16 update in these devices as well as the iPhones released before them.


Passkeys are a great feature on iOS 16. It’s a private virtual key that lets you easily log in to various websites. With Passkeys you are protected from Phishing because Passkeys will not allow the storage of passwords on websites, thus reducing the possibility of your password being exposed. This feature isn’t restricted to Apple devices and can be used on any non-Apple devices.


With iOS 16 out, it’s obvious Apple intends for its email app to be just as good or better than its rivals. It now has features like intelligent corrections to correct typos when you search for something within the app, more accurate outcomes when searching, as well as more. Additionally, If you’ve mentioned recipients or attachments in your mail, and you don’t add the recipients the app will notify you of this before making the mailing.

Another excellent option is the ability to undo, schedule, and schedule email reminders. Mail now includes rich links, so you don’t have to waste time looking for what’s behind the link that you receive in a message.


Safari within iOS 16 supports Tab groups in which tabs can be grouped depending on your preferences. You can also share tab groups with your friends and let them use them to work. The tab group has now an official start page with options that can be customized. In addition tabs from tab, groups are pinned.

Other features that Safari has added to Safari

A brand new extension API lets developers develop different kinds of Safari web extensions. Also, there’s a better sync feature, which will sync all your Safari extensions and the settings for your website overall Apple devices.
Safari is now able to support the translation of webpages in these different languages: Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, and Dutch. In addition, there is also the ability to translate images with Live Text.
Safari offers password suggestions based on the website.
There’s also an updated option to manage the Wi-Fi passwords you have in your settings.


Apart from the functions like easy setting up shortcuts as well as the ability to send messages automatically and include emojis into texts When you make a request to Siri “Hey Siri, what could I do” after you open any application, it will inform you of what it can do with the application. You are now able to put your phone down and make FaceTime calls using Siri. All you have to do to Siri is “Hey Siri, hang up”. The other callers of the conversation will be able to hear you.

Siri also has offline support, and you can choose to change the time Siri will wait to complete your conversation before it is able to respond.

Health and Fitness

One of the major features that Apple added to iOS 16 is the ability to track medication. It is possible to monitor your medication as well as vitamins and supplements. You can even add custom graphics and schedules to help you remember them.

You are also able to give your medical information to anyone however, only you are able to decide what data you want to share. In addition to the health application, Apple has also launched its Fitness App to the majority of iPhones that run iOS 16 so that you can monitor your fitness information even if there’s not any Apple Watch.

Privacy and Security

This time Apple has introduced the Safety check A new section within Settings in which you can deactivate access granted to third parties to your applications. Also, there is the pasteboard permission that requires apps to obtain permission from you prior to using your existing pasteboard. It is also possible to secure Recently Deleted and Hidden albums that are only unlocked with Touch ID, Face ID, or your password.

In terms of FaceID, it can be used in landscape mode, too, when using iOS 16. This is a huge relief for those users who are using their iPhones at night.


Facetime is also equipped with many options, including Handoff. You can effortlessly continue to make calls from the iPhone with your Mac or iPad and reverse. Your connected Bluetooth headset can be switched over to your new gadget with you.

It also supports for SharePlay app discovery in the app. You can view all apps that support SharePlay. Apple has also added an option for collaboration to the app so that it is possible to begin working with other users via Keynote, Files, Numbers Pages Notes, Reminders, Safari, and other supported apps from third parties while on the course of a phone conversation.


Spotlight now can be accessed directly from the home screen. It has also got improved search capabilities where it will show data from apps, contacts, or even from the web. What’s best is that it can even search for images from apps such as Messages, Notes, and Files.

  • Quick actions: Now, you can make Spotlight do quick actions such as start a timer, turn on a Focus, find the name of a song using Shazam, run shortcuts, and many more. To make quick actions, search the app’s name on Spotlight and you will see the actions available. 
  • See sports events updates: You can see updates on various sports events.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

The main features brought to iCloud with iOS 16 include the ability to share your photo libraries with any of your friends and families. You can also share photos based on the date, people, and many other options. The library also has the option to share the images automatically.

iOS 16 is available to developers and public beta testers right now. It’s in the testing phase and would include a bunch of bugs and issues. We wouldn’t recommend downloading the iOS 16 beta on your primary device, but if you got to do, follow the process below:

  • Back up your iPhone data first. You don’t want to lose your files and folders while installing the iOS 16 beta
  • Tap on the two-line icon and choose Account. Sign in with your Apple ID to proceed
  • Once you are through, hit the two-line icon again and select Downloads
  • Swipe down and hit the Install Profile button under iOS 16 beta -> allow the profile to download on your device
  • Now, launch the Settings app -> tap on Profile Downloaded under the Apple ID banner -> select install
  • You will be asked to enter your iPhone passcode. Enter it and proceed to installation
  • After the profile is installed, go to Software Update -> select Download and Install -> and choose Install Now to load up the iOS 16 beta on your device. That’s it!

Apple has confirmed iOS 16

Apple has officially declared the fact that iOS 16 will be released to the general public on the 12th of September. The new version of iOS is compatible with iPhone 8 or later devices.


What time will iOS 16 be available for download?

Our blog on live will provide updates on the latest update and what new features are expected by users. Apple iOS 16 Update today live Updates to Today’s update for Apple’s IOS 16 and watch OS 9 will begin being released to users this morning (September 12). The update will be available on the majority of supported iPhones around 10.30 pm (IST) later this afternoon.

Unfortunately, any iPhone older than the iPhone 8 will not support iOS 16, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The eighth iOS 16 beta official version (August 31st)

Apple has released its eighth and possibly the final, beta version of iOS 16 for supported iPhones. Beta testers can go to the General menu> Software Update menu to download the update for their devices. If you’re not yet an iOS 16 beta tester yet you can sign up for the beta program first.

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