Rolls-Royce Spectre EV to launch next year with 260-mile range

Rolls-Royce plans to launch its first EV car, the Spectre two-door car to its customers in the second quarter of this year, as it moves towards becoming a completely electric company by 2030.

The company claims that the Spectre will be able to travel for between 260 and 260 miles with fully charged batteries, provide 577 horsepower and go from 0-60 speeds in 4.4 seconds.

The figures are similar are comparable to Cadillac Celestiq, another rarefied electric vehicle which was unveiled this week and priced at $300,000 or more. The Spectre is expected to cost higher than $400,000, which is in line similar to other models in the Rolls-Royce portfolio.

The fastback, which seats four, sports 23-inch wheels, which are the first time they’ve been seen on a Rolls-Royce production 2-door sedan for nearly a century as well as the widest grille ever seen by the brand.

Contrary to other brands, Rolls-Royce skipped the hybrid phase of its journey towards becoming a battery-electric company. However, the main company, BMW Group, builds various hybrid models, including its upcoming XM Plug-in hybrid crossover, which is BMW’s most robust manufacturing model.

A majority of luxury brands are now developing plug-in hybrids ahead of making completely electric vehicles. Bentley launched its first hybrid plug-in model the year before and is currently preparing to construct its first electric vehicle by 2025. Aston Martin plans to produce its first battery-electric model by 2026 following the introduction of its 1,000-horsepower Valhalla hybrid plug-in in Pebble Beach.

McLaren is the company that unveiled its Artura plug-in hybrid in the year 2000 is planning to build its first EV in 2028.

They’ll be far from being the most costly EVs that are available. Both Rimac and Pininfarina have begun to produce $2.5 million in electric hypercars powered by batteries in the summer of this year. It is believed that the Rimac Nevera and Pininfarina Battista have the same DNA -The Rimac provides Pininfarina by providing its 120-kilowatt lithium-ion battery and powertrain, and also 1,900 horsepower.

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